Drupal Modules - Main / best / most important modules

Here is a list of very important and useful Drupal modules. In my opinion a lot of them are so important they should actually be part of Drupal core. But I guess this would make Drupal maintainance harder and that way small teams can better focus on each separate module...

I personnally have 90% of them pre-installed on a Drupal custom base that I re-use for each new Drupal site I build. I recommend you do the same! As far as I'm concerned I need to find the time to share it.

Ok first, modules you should disable : 

  • Overlay (core) very pretty but 1/ I think it loads the page in the background in addition to the admin page 2/ when saving an action you don't see the URL bar filling with blue indicating the request is processing... quite annoying.

1) a. Setting up the site :

1) b. Multilingual sites (to install right from the start!) :

2) Preparing for SEO right from the start :

3) Building the frame :

4) Creating static content :

5) Optimizing site performances on static content :

6) Managing access restrictions :

7) Creating dynamic content :

8) Pushing forward :

9) SEO (before putting the site live) :

Only required if needed :

Custom Modules creation :

  • Testing (core)