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Hello, thanks a lot for the tutorial, I really learned from it. What i need to achieve for another project, is to update the options of an exposed filter ''onChange" of another one, and looking for a solution, I came across your tutorial.
Until 2b), everything worked as advertised. When I tried to implement the 2c) part, it didn't. I get an error: Notice: Undefined index: field_shape_tid in customone_form_views_exposed_form_alter() (line 32, which is really strange, because I didn't modify this line in the 2c) step. This is the line where the $selectedShape gets its value. Strange thing, is that this error only appears when I open the page for the first time, when I apply a value to the "shape" filter, view filters work as expected, and error goes away. If I enable autosubmit, but not ajax, from the views' UI, having all of your code in my custom module, onsubmit the values on the color filter update as expected. When I enable ajax though, with no autosubmit, when I change the shape filter, I get no ajax response, which happens only when I click the apply button, in which case the filters normally apply to the results, but the color filter values do not update. Any help is welcome! Thanks again