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Hello Romain,

Ok although it's difficult to help you when I don't have the possibility to see what you might be doing wrong, I'm just gonna take a guess here. Several actually :
1/ dpm() only displays for users who have permissions set. Make sure you view the page as user 1 or set permissions properly.
2/ make sur you are including php opening and ending tags if needed in your PHP block
3/ something seems not right: you are trying to display the variable $form with a dpm inside "PHP code block" ? Where does the variable $form comes from ? I apologize if you already know what I am about to tell you but since you describe yourself as "not a PHP developper at all" I will assume you know very little. You need to know that the $form variable is not a global variable that will be shared with any code block anywhere... in my example I used a Drupal hook function that allows to modify the $form variable the right way. If what I just told you is new for you maybe you are trying to do something to difficult for you current development level and you should consider hiring someone to do the job for you or find a simpler solution. For example, have you heard of Faceted Search ? http://envisioninteractive.com/drupal/drupal-7-views-with-faceted-filter...