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Thanks for this writeup as it's a very smart concept and I look forward to getting the right results.

I was trying to do this on a D8 site, but became stuck getting the taxonomy id/name. So I built this verbatum on a D7 site and figured out the taxonomy issue I had been running into. However, I still have not been able to get the Shape selection to limit Colors available, even on the D7 site using your shape/color example.

I assume you are talking about using two views because you wrote that "what we want is to use the values returned by our other view to populate the exposed filter".

The confusion I seem to have is how/which view to apply the exposed filter(s). Am I understanding correctly to use the first exposed filter (for Shapes) with its contextual filter from the first view to limit a 2nd view's available selection of Colors within the 2nd exposed filter? How to connect the exposed filter from a 2nd view to use the list of values from the first view's exposed filter?

Could you please clarify the creation of each view and it's exposed and contextual filters needed for each?